Winche’s added value lies in the combination of the practical knowledge on the POS and a business intelligence team composed by specialists. Merging these two factors brought Winche Cloud to life.

Winche Cloud is an innovative platform that allows commercial teams management and control, from anywhere and always with total security.

Thanks to the high compatibility with the ERP systems in the market, it simplifies the data integration with the client’s servers.

The software includes a Web management portal, accessible through any device connected to the Internet, and a reporting mobile App.

Winche Cloud is flexibility and control: it’s your shortcut to achieving better commercial team results.

Improve your commercial team management!

It simplifies the project creation and administration.

Organization of the data to be collected in the POS.

It allows a more exhaustive knowledge upon the situation, thus facilitating the anticipation of strategies to get better results .

A corporate library is included, allowing to access and manage documents such as planograms or special promotions.

Option to include personalized functions such as travel and holidays requests.

Personalized notifications and alarms help to rapidly detect problems and urgent issues.

100% control on the data reports

Dashboard to visualize reports and the visited stores, including photo gallery and data about the visits.

Tracking of the adherence to routes with geo-localization option.

Control over the performed visits and the reporting, to ensure the commercial team’s objectives’ accomplishment.

Manage assortment, orders, promotional plans and SKUs with a user-friendly interface.

Complete information on the issues detected in each POS.

Simplifies the POS activities

Data collection and photographs, all customizable (visibility, out of stock, quantity, prices…)

Option to perform personalized questionnaires

Ability to visualize the objectives of the POS manager

Ability to do orders/refund, register new POS and manage the assortment

Real time notification in case of incidences during the visit

Control over promotions and placements agreed with the POS

Ability to visualize and retrieval of historic data

Continuous support and updates

Is not easy to manage sales teams. Common impediments could cause time loss and be detrimental to the management .

The most frequent examples are:

Outdated clients’ census and need to add new openings.

Change in the geographical distribution of the sales team.

Unreliable control over reported data.

Winche Cloud offers a solution for each one of these problems with continuous support from our team and real time data updates.