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Outsourcing comercial gran consumo

POS management

Our network of POS manager works in order to improve the presence on the shelves, control the planogram implementation and assortments, avoid out of stock moreover it tries to maximize the orders and negotiate second exposures.

Our objective it's increase visibility and sales of your products in the point of sale.

We have a database filled with the potential as well as the various measurable parameters for each point of sale. Moreover we own a advanced software for route optimization that allows us to have greater control and efficiency in the management of the sales network.

Our clients will receive all the information collected by our POS manager in an easy and fast way thanks to our Online Reports

auditorias farmacia, gran consumo


A team of expert auditors is in charge of data collection and of ensuring the right visibility of the products on the point of sale.

The information collected will be forwarded to the client in the form of a comprehensive report and a photo gallery.

The audits will give knowledge of the actual visibility status of the products and of the work of the sales force and internal merchandising.

consultoría farmacia, gran consumo


The experience and know-how of Winche encompass the whole business life of a company, from the strategy, the design, to the implementation and commercial outsourcing.

Winche identifies the existing pain points and studies optimal solutions through the consultancy service

Thanks to its extensive knowledge over the different channels and retailers Winche can deliver personalized and funcional recommendations and facilitate the subsequent implementation.

gestión equipo comercial, herramienta de reporting


Our IT team develops an owned software allowing the management of your team as well as the monitoring of promotions, assortments and tasks. The ability to monitor and personalize the data collection is a strategic help for the decision making.

Thanks to the Winche Cloud solution, our clients have access to all the information every time and everywhere.

We also design the route optimization in order to improve the sale framework. Our database allows us to evaluate the different distribution channels on the cational territory, optimizing the sales potential of each POS by category and sub-category of product.

batidas masivas

One shot actions

Winche's One Shot Actions respond to seasonal or special needs such as high demand, advertising campaigns or new products launches. The objectives include products' presence and displays and POS material placement.

These projects are usually performed between two to six times per year in supermarkets, visiting more than 3,000. Winche's experience allows the optimization of processes and timing, thanks to the knowledge upon the best POS, their potential and their activation degree.

The results from these actions will be presented to the client through reports that include all the relevant data, useful to help the strategic decision-making in the future.

fuerza de ventas outsourcing comercial

Outsourced sales force

Our specialized teams by sector and channel help in new products launches, promotions and demands peeks, to achieve an optimal distribution.

Our goal it's increase sales and distribution of your products. A good sales team contribution is essential for the product placement to be outstanding.

Other than checking the correct implementation of the negotiated activities and the agreements between the client and the distribution channel, the team will inform upon the competitors new products, promotions and activities.

implementación de planogramas outsourcing comercial

Planogram implementation

Winche's sales force is authorized to enter any retailer to perform implementations and activities

Thanks to a correct implementation of the category Planograms, a higher turnover can be achieved by improving visibility and communication to the shopper.

Furthermore, the outsourcing of this service allows to not interfere with the internal team’s routine.

externalización fuerza de ventas, selección y formación

Selection and training

Our HR department is specialized in all the aspects of managing people, from recruiting to training, coaching and motivational activities.

The team is composed by highly qualified trainers that work with a personalized methodology according to the channel.

The four key areas of professional training include distribution channels, POS management, merchandising and sales skills.

venta telefónica, telemarketing

Telephone sales

Our telemarketing B2B services fulfill the goal of maximising our clients sales by the optimization of resources, a reduction in costs and a greater market coverage.

We perform campaigns for the introduction of new SKUs, customers retention and other activities that respond to your company’s needs .

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