GPV trabajando en PDV

It is the action performed by a point-of-sale manager, also known as a PoS manager, which improves the presence and visibility of products and guarantees their availability on the shelf.


Today it has become an essential tool for companies dedicated to the retail channel.


We improve product visibility at the point of sale

Our GPVs are in charge of negotiating actions that increase the visibility of clients’ products at the point of sale, such as acquiring second locations or solving stock-outs.

Increasing shelf space

Another essential action of the point of sale managers is the expansion of facings on the shelves; this means improving the presence of our customers in each POS. In addition, thanks to a correct implementation of the planogram, we manage to increase product rotation by improving visibility.

Capturing the consumer's attention

When designing an action plan for the point of sale, it is necessary to be aware of consumer trends and needs since the promotions or branding to be carried out at each POS will depend to a great extent on these variables.

We guarantee the availability of products at the PoS

A shortage of products at the points of sale implies a decrease in sales. It is important to constantly measure these variables to know which points need to be reinforced.

We monitor competitors' products

One of the variables to consider in an action plan is the price. Therefore, it is essential to analyze competitors’ prices to optimize our clients’ pricing strategy.


Know How

Disponemos de un gran conocimiento del sector y de cada uno de los canales en los que actuamos. Nuestras estrategias comerciales y organización empresarial nos permiten garantizar a nuestros clientes un retorno de la inversión (ROI).

POS Segmentation

It is one of the most important actions during point-of-sale management, consisting of segmenting all POS according to homogeneous characteristics and variables and thus guaranteeing commercial efficiency.

Database and activation potential

Our sales force consists of putting all our know-how into practice: we know the degree of activation according to the typology. The point of sale allows us to execute the right commercial strategies at each POS.

Monitoring of the strategies implemented at the PoS

We achieve excellence at the point of sale thanks to the exhaustive analysis carried out by our business intelligence team. In this way, we guarantee the profitability of the commercial action implemented.

Route Optimization

We also have advanced software for creating routes that allow us greater control and efficiency in managing the sales network. The objective is to reduce the cost of stops and minimize distances while increasing the number of visits.

Human value

We have highly qualified professionals in each sector and channel who work on new launches, promotions, and demand peaks, such as the summer or Christmas seasonal campaigns, to achieve optimal product commercialization. In addition, we guarantee continuous training to maximize the commercial skills of our sales team.


diferentes dispositivos con winchecloud


We have our application, WincheCloud, which includes a reporting system, planning, and daily work management.

This platform has evolved to perform the work in a fast, simple, and efficient way.

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